Spot The Difference

QuayFive was commissioned by BP in partnership with ThinkFutureUK to examine women's and men's career choices and limits of corporate policies. 13 companies in total took part in the research The report was completed July 2017 and launched at BP's head office in London January 2018
Participating companies where BP. Centrica, Diageo, Royal Bank of Scotland, Kier, Alpha Financial Markets Consulting, Lookers, Fidelity International, IBM, Rio Tinto, Natwest and bsi.

Over 6000 online survey responses, 43% women and 57% men, 30 sectors, 60 countries and 13 companies.

“The Spot the Difference Study aims to offer a new perspective on an age-old issue. We will not propose a list of recommendations. Rather, we will explore the factors that impact the career choices of women and men and the reasons why these choices are often so different. We aim to offer organisations perspective on the current efficacy of their workplace policies and who they are really benefitting.”