What marks us out

  • Experience of doing this in a large corporate – from a global commercial background
  • System focus not a project mindset
  • Behind the scenes so you lead the way internally
  • No additional resource – this is woven into what you do, not an “on top of” initiative
  • Your pace not ours
  • Equip you so you don’t need us


When the organisational dynamics mean your culture is not aligned with where your business needs it to be, the symptoms may not easily reveal the real cause and the "quick fixes" don't work. Each organisation has its own unique dynamics that create the culture today, and you have to understand them to be able to improve
for tomorrow.



We won't come in, consult and go. Our fundamental approach is to equip you and other in-house stakeholders to do this for yourselves. We work as your silent partner and trusted advisor behind the scenes; you are the face of the changes,
not QuayFive.