The culture of any organisation directly impacts business performance. We provide practical strategies and tools to help you align your organisational culture with your business strategy.

We help you identify and adjust the dynamics that drive your culture. Critically, we will advise on a strategy and action to better align those dynamics to your organisation's business and leadership priorities. We start by recognising what is really going on today and how (and why) this differs from your expectations. 


What QuayFive can help
you do

Conduct a comprehensive audit of your organisational culture - with a clear gap analysis against the desired culture

Identify the most critical risks that lie at the heart of the different dynamics which influence an organisation's culture

Define tailored and/or best practice strategies and tools to secure the desired culture and to ensure it aids the achievement of key business priorities, and to address the most critical cultural risks

Provide a long-lasting framework and coaching to enable and equip stakeholders to manage cultural change themselves

Advise and coach senior business leaders (including Executive and Board teams) on their personal role in leading cultural change that drives organisational success


This is not about us making improvements for you, but us providing you with advice and the tools to help you improve your organisational dynamics that in turn drive your culture. 


Organisational dynamics

These are the micro-elements that compound to form the unique culture of any organisation. They include leadership style, values, diversity, behaviours, habits, ambitions, beliefs, decision making, language, networks, perceptions, history, policies, symbols to name a few. They are both the formal aspects that lay out what is expected, and the informal aspects, individually and collectively, that are driven by how people get stuff done day in day out from what they observe. Their unique blend in your organisation drives your distinct culture, and thereby the delivery of your strategy, whether positively or negatively.