How to look after yourself

  1. Play to your strengths
    Know when you are at your best, and arrange your diary accordingly if you can.
  2. Get sweaty
    Exercise is a stress reliever, so build time for it into your work schedule.
  3. Make space for reflection
    It's important to step back and think about your work, rather than just 'doing' it. Thinking can be as productive as doing, particularly when you are in a senior role that is likely to be complex and intricate.
  4. Plan and take all of your holidays
    They are there for a reason. What are you trying to prove, and to whom? Performance is about what you achieve, not about the number of days you clock up. 
  5. When it all gets too much, press the emergency-trip switch
    Go shopping, play golf, take a long walk or simply abandon ship for half a day. When you come back, you'll find you have gained perspective.

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