How to know when to say no

Five pieces of advice for knowing your limit

  1. Assess the situation 
    Do you really have a choice? Are you being asked or told to do something? If the task is strategically significant for the wider company or valuable for your personal development, could it prove to be a long-term investment?
  2. Offer alternatives 
    If you can't take on the task yourself, provide someone with other options for getting it done, whether that's by changing the brief to achieve the goal or by delegating to someone else.
  3. Provide reasons 
    Don't just say you can't or won't do something. Instead, help the other person to understand your decision.
  4. Timing is everything 
    Think about the situation and the schedule of the person you're saying no to. Be respectful.
  5. Remember why diamonds are so valuable
    They are kept in short supply. That doesn't mean that you should say no for the sake of it, but it does mean that if you say yes to everything, you could end being taken for granted and branded as the 'go-to girl'. You want to be the expert, not just the person others rely upon to do all the things that no-one else wants to do.

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