How to build mental toughness and resillience

  1. Rome wasn't built in a day Success partly comes down to building experience and learning from doing, so do not expect to be a resilience expert on day one. It takes time to reach the stage where you have "seen all this before".
  2. Value the tough times It is hard to learn how to be strong when nothing bad has happened. Gaining practical experience will help you get through the next tricky period.
  3. Treasure (and use) your mentors Everyone has a few people they can turn to in a crisis. Do just that and ask them for advice. Be clear about what the problem is and what you think might be a better outcome, then ask how they think you should get through it. Use their support sparingly: that way, they'll know it's important when you ask for help.
  4. Take care of yourself It's obvious, but you will have a much better chance of achieving success if your overall wellbeing is contributing to it.
  5. Look on the bright side Research shows that people who have a positive outlook live for longer. Be optimistic: believing there are always sunny uplands ahead will boost your energy levels and increase your ability to face whatever happens next.
  6. Make choices and stick to your priorities Knowing what's important and staying focused on that will help you beat away some of the noise and self-doubt that can creep in during difficult experiences.
  7. It is not slavery, it is not prison; it is a job or a career You can always choose not to be there. Of course, there will be consequences – financial, if nothing else – of walking away, but you didn't sign up for life. Hold onto that.

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