How networking can benefit your career

Networking is an over-used term, but it really does have benefits, even when you are in a stable role and happy in your existing organisation. Don't discount its enduring value; invest a little effort all the time. Here are six ways that networking can benefit your career...

  1. A bigger picture You build a broader picture and gain a different perspective when you meet others and listen to how they see the world and the market. A 360-degree perspective is likely to be more meaningful than just the view from where you sit.
  2. A problem shared Networking gives you access to advice from more people, so you can solve problems better. They are likely to provide you with objective recommendations based on the facts you share, without getting mired in the internal politics or history that can colour your decision making.
  3. An awareness of worth If you never build an external network, you will never get a sense of your market worth – formally or informally – so you may not be able to negotiate from a position of facts, context and thereby strength.
  4. A wider horizon You'll get a new perspective on which roles and career paths are available in other organisations and industries, which may open up your options and give you a clearer idea of how different models can work.
  5. A head start If you have a strong network outside of your immediate pool of contacts, it means that if you do choose to move on and do something different, you will be able to take action faster.
  6. A second brain You never know, you may find you learn more and spot good ideas, meeting interesting people along the way

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