How to work from home

More people than ever work from home. Technology, as well as changing attitudes, is providing more opportunities for many of us to work remotely, whether occasionally or often. So how can you stay organised, motivated, become even more productive?

  1. Set boundaries 
    Create a space that is about work, and only work, so that you are in the right frame of mind when you're there. Establish some rules around it, such as people needing to knock, or respecting the day's working hours.
  2. Solid foundations 
    Build yourself a structure so that you know when you start and finish your day, and ensure that you have some meetings or clear pieces of work scheduled in.
  3. Global connectivity
    If you work with people in different locations, use the time at home to make your Skype or FaceTime meeting calls with them.
  4. Brain power
    When there are fewer people and distractions, there's more place to think. Dedicate the time spent working at home to stepping back and getting to grips with the tasks you can't find space for or can't get to because there's nowhere to concentrate.
  5. Stay active
    Set an alarm to encourage yourself to take a creak and walk around every hour. You need to keep the blood flowing. To be even more productive, put a wash on or unload the dishwasher during a spare five minutes; it's a simple way of moving your limbs.
  6. Fight the headwinds
    Working from home is still regarded with suspicion by some; don't pretend it's not. Face the comments with dignity, not guilt. Rise above it, and be factual and consistent in what you say. Make it known that you use the time to make video calls, or to think and plan ahead, so that people can work into that schedule. Stick with it and make it part of your brand; in particular, if you work from home on the same day each week, it will become predictable to others. Plus, you never know: you may inspire them to do the same.

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